Sunday, February 17, 2013

I decided to buy Nexium and get rid of stomach acid

This is my story about how I decided to buy Nexium and get rid of the problems that I had for years because of stomach acid. It is not a particularly exciting story or a particularly interesting one, but it will give a clear picture of how effective Nexium is and why I recommend it to everyone who has any problems connected to stomach acid and overproduction of the same.

I have never been one of those people who live particularly healthy. In fact, I might say that I never really cared too much about the state of my health. I always let things go the way they wanted and I always thought I would address any issues once they occur, not before. So, my diet has always been one that wouldn’t exactly be called healthy. I like salty foods, spicy foods and savory foods. I do not want to spend my life eating bland food that gives me no pleasure just so that I could live a hundred years of bland and boring life. I have been a smoker since my teens and I like an occasional drink of four Roses. Also, I have never actually exercised as such. If there was opportunity for sports or outdoors activities, I didn’t run away, but I wasn’t exactly the one to instigate it.

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And for a long time, I was able to avoid any medical problems. Moreover, I didn’t even get fat, as you would expect someone with my lifestyle would. I guess I had a whole bunch of good genes working for me, keeping me slender and healthy. However, when I turned 49, it was two years ago, I started feeling heartburn every now and then, following particularly delicious meals. I didn’t pay much attention to it as it soon went away.

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However, after half a year, I started having excruciating pains every time I would eat something delicious and spicy. This made me think about stuff and I decided to go and see the doctor. She told me that I developed ulcers, but that it was nothing serious. She told me that I should start taking care about what I eat and when I told her that I have no intention of doing so, she told me that I should try with some medications to get rid of the acid which causes the ulcers and the heartburn. I tried the ones she recommended (I won’t mention the exact name) and it turned out they didn’t work for me. She then prescribed Nexium and I decided to order Nexium online because it was cheaper.
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Her recommendation to buy Nexium and start getting rid of the acid was the best thing that happened to me in a while. I took my first regimen that lasted 14 days and it worked like a charm. Not only were the pains gone, but the heartburn went away as well. It was beautiful. Although I have no intention of quitting the delicious things in life, I do take a bit more care these days, having a nice bland and green meal every now and then. And if anything goes wrong, I know I have Nexium that is going to help me.
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Some feedback from those who took Nexium

  • Most of them worked ok, but I would still have to pop a few Tums before I went to bed. After starting on Nexium I feel great! I've yet to have any signs of heartburn and I haven't had any side effects. / by Christopher
  • I actually told my doctor to prescribe me Nexium 40 mg. My Doc was hesitant but I insisted took it for a about a month and half and on my second endoscopy my chronic gastritis had gone down to mild gastritis and the nausea is almost gone. Nexium really helped me I don't know about the side effects since I took it at night. / by Jeff
  • Nexium has been wonderful for me. No more excessive belching and burning and the pain in my chest has almost gone with the first treatment. I'm not scared to eat some of my favorite foods anymore. / by Ruth
  • Nexium works very well for me. I highly recommend it, as it dramatically reduces the amount of acid in my stomach after a gastric ulcer bleed, which after being repaired, I do NOT want to experience that pain again. / by Carol